1. Hey guiz, this is a dead arduino. Cooked it trying to run too many amps of led’s. what should I do with it?

  2. I am so fucking ready for profound digital war.

  3. Dome progress.

  4. Don’t fuck with us.

  5. Finished my gear for #outpostchrysanthemum at #blazingswan

  6. If I fits, I sits.

  7. Repaired a sewing machine with no training or prior knowledge. My brain is designed for machine work. I find it super easy to understand them at a glance, to be able to see the flow and force of energy through its bearings and actuators. #machinelife

  8. Layer two. This is taking forever. I have seen the equivalent of 60 buttons.

  9. I can get a lot of work done in a day. #radiKS

  10. Using my mic stand as a sewing rig for my cyberpunk radiKS stealth armor. Using my rode mic’s pop filter as a pin cushion.