1. Having fun on casual Friday with my #zazzlepoetry shirt

  2. Really grooving on Syro this morning

  3. nexus666:

    you totally read that in your mind as:

    "He say you brade runna"

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  4. crassetination:

    Weapons of the Future 07: Revolvers

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  5. wildnwoolyshambler:

    In response to everything.

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  6. takeovertime:

    BMW Motorrad R nineT Customised | Go Takamine, Kaichiroh Kurosu, Shiro Nakajima + Hideya Togashi

  7. lacigreen:



    let’s talk about what a fab human dan radcliffe is…

    a++ work, do not regret 13yo me’s crush on him at all


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  10. neuromaencer:

    concept art by petr morozoff

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